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DC series  water in oil analyzers. "Most Competitive BS&W Analyzers on the Market".   

 The analyzer uses the two channels micro-wave/capacitance principle. A cylindrical sensor and outer barrel are fixed in size and distance from each other and form the electrodes of a coaxial sensor/capacitor. For low water content,the oil sample flows between the "plates" as a dielectric fluid, changing the capacitance of the assembly proportionally with the change in dielectric constant of the fluid. The measured capacitance is converted to a water content output signal by the microprocessor and associated components. For high water content,the channel will detect the micro wave energy-lost from the feedback signal to convert to water content.
DC series on line density meters  The most compact high accuracy online density meter

  DC density meters use the proven vibrating element technique which is widely accepted as the most accurate method of continuous online density measurement, Our engineers made new developments by the introducing unique proprietary design of resonant tube sensor allowing accurate measurement of liquid density.  The technology proves high accuracy of measurement and long term calibration stability even in severs operation conditions. It is insensitive to plant vibration, high variation of temperatures or turbulence. A choice of wetted parts materials: from stainless steel for general industrial use, Ni-Span-C for most demanding applications, and Hastelloy for applications where ultimate corrosion resistance is required.

AD Oil quality analyzers   Analysis gasoline octane numbers in line and distinguish different product oils.


  AD Oil quality analyzer is used for in line  octane rating of motor gasoline, corresponding to motor and research methods (RON and MON) as well as for cetane number of diesel fuels. In addition, through the analysis of different products oils compound parameters, it detects the oil interfaces for long distance pipeline oil transportation. 

The operational principle of the Octane Meter lies in gasoline octane rating and diesel fuel cetane rating based on the analysis of change of properties of an dielectric permeability and electromagnetic induction.

ADI LEVEL  boiler water level gauge.  "The industry leader in liquid level measurement."

 When choosing your liquid level gage and measurement solution provider, why not choose the best? The symmetry of a field tested, time proven product has positioned ADI LEVEL gages to be best suited to assist you in solving your liquid level measurement challenges.

 AD-300 Oil in Water analyzer World leader in oil in water alarm and monitoring field

  The design approach of the AD300 Oil in Water products is centered around solving the real world problems of oil in water detection:

Oil in WaterAD300 Exploded View

Reduction of inaccurate measurements caused by non-oil turbidity.
Eliminating the “plating out” of oil in the sample chamber by a self cleaning mechanism.
Electrical design to extend the life of the light source.
Mechanical design to withstand pH of 2 to 13.
Online, unattended and completely automatic sampling.
Full range of industrial temperatures and environments.

     SHATOX petroleum analyzers "In the field or in the lab - SHATOX is a leader in rapid measurement portable analyzers." 

    Rapid measurement methods for basic parameters of petroleum products are often more efficient comparing to traditional, and therefore during the recent years they intensively penetrated into the instrument market oriented to the analyzers for petroleum quality assay labs.


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